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Fun, new entertainment concept and is the first of its kind in the Middle East. Each Escape Room is a real life adventure game designed for small groups. Whether you’re a group of friends, family members, or coworkers, your goal is simple: you have sixty minutes to open your mind and eyes carefully, work together, crack codes and solve ciphers to escape. Book today and see if you have what it takes to escape in less than 60 minutes!

who can play?

Everyone can play! However we recommend our games for ages 12 and up. Players that are 11 and under must be accompanied by an adult. With that said, we guarantee the great time and enjoyment for the families who come with one or two younger kids.

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60 minutes for each room

It’s a real-life experience for 60 minutes. You can choose one of our rooms, and you will have to solve all the tricks, clues, and riddles. Our rooms have different themes, such as adventure, action, and horror.

You & the team have to attend before 15 minutes before the experience starts, so our customer care can welcome you & prepare you for the experience. 

you can book through our website | or by call our customer care 0790111186 / 0789111186

If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will begin to lose time due to experience.

The experience is minimum for 2 people and maximum for 8 people. The experience does not require any physical power, it’s a mind game.

Not exactly, you will be inside a room from you selection, & inside this room while solving the tricks & clues you will move to other rooms inside the room.

The majority of our rooms are not frightening, rather they are filled with adventure, exploration, action, and horror. 

Each group of players is formed of 2 to 7 people for all rooms except  for “SAW” room, the group must consist of 4 to 7 players who can join together in the same team and enjoy the adventure of the room. Escape The Room game is suitable for ages 12 and above. While, for ages 11 and under, players must be accompanied by an adult. However, we guarantee a nice and enjoyable time for families who visit with one or two children under the age of 12 years old. It is a fun, and mind refreshing game, for all ages whether you were a high school student or a senior, we guarantee you that you will get the same amount of fun and entertainment.

When you book a room in escape the room game, the room will be only for you and a group of your choice

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