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For Extraordinary birthday concept at Escape the Room! Our team worked along to ensure that our kids & clients have their best experience & providing the highest quality of services based on international level. Our customer care team will be so delight to handle your inquiry & happy to celebrate together!

We took the team word & work on it, because our concept starts with a team work & ends with it! It’s well known that the corporates now a days

We decided to build our own portable rooms that are easy to move and provide the same experience and feeling as Escape The Room, but with new and customized experiences for corporates that want to launch a new service or product in a creative way that meets their objectives and standards. Escape The Room launched the new portable rooms under the new company XO hub, which includes all of the outdoor portable rooms and small activations to meet the needs and requirements of our clients at a higher level of entertainment.

Xo Hub, powered by Escape The Room, is a new outdoor entertainment concept that allows you to imagine, relax, and enjoy time with friends, family, and. Xo hub concept would fit in as an outdoor event for a company whatever is the title of the event, birthday parties, events in general, team building activity, festivals, universities & school events.